Benefits: CEO or Business Owner

The CEO’s Persepective

“An ISMS system should allow me to better manage critical business risks”

What are you trying to achieve?

With information security, I’m always trying to get a balance of risk-taking, innovation, and creativity while keeping our data and our customers’ data safe. Risk-taking is a part of modern business but it’s clear that risks around information security are ever-increasing and have to be given a much higher level of priority.

What are your pain points?

Information security didn’t really used to be a key business priority. Today it’s right up there with financial control and HR as something you have to get right to survive. At the same time, it’s a challenge and it can feel like it can slow us down and distract me from our core aim of making money and require me to spend budget I’d rather invest in other areas of the business.  Setting up an information security management system or ISMS has always seemed a complex undertaking for a CEO to commit to.

How could Hicomply benefit your business?

Hicomply is providing our business with an ISMS software solution that includes tools to gain and keep ISO 27001. The platform out of the box comes loaded with the policies and tools needed, saving time. It also provides me with the comfort we have a suitable process in place to reduce the risk of data breaches and fines.

I want our customers to have confidence and peace of mind that we handle their data securely. The ISO 27001 accreditation tells them that, but Hicomply actually can demonstrate that we do. They can see we take the importance of their information security seriously.

How could Hicomply benefit your role?

Hicomply is one of those solutions that helps the CEO sleep at night.  The platform allows me to gain a “helicopter view” of information security from my web browser and the tools to manage risk in a more structured way. It also allows me to communicate with my whole team on critical issues that arise.

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