Information Security Dashboard

The Hicomply dashboard provides a clear & customised view of all the different aspects of managing an ISMS in one place. Each staff member’s dashboard is tailored to their role, giving them visibility of what they need to do and ensure orgranisational compliance. This can include risks, incidents, policy updates, assets, training and more.

The Problem

The complex nature of managing an organisation’s ISMS or ISO 27001 compliance, with so many moving parts, makes timely reporting a necessity. Traditionally a labour intensive paper heavy process, made getting to grips with the status of an organisation’s compliance a difficult and time consuming task. New senior managers in the business struggle to navigate the volume of documentation. Unless you are part of the core compliance team knowing where everything lives and how it works together is almost impossible and creates key man dependencies, adding needless risk to your organisation.

In order for an ISMS to work effectively and reduce the organisational risk it is designed to, every employee in your organisation needs to understand the part they play and what they need to do.

An ISMS needs to live and breathe as part of your organisation in real time, constantly being kept up to date with new legislation, incidents, risks and assets being recorded and managed.

The reality is most staff in an organisation need to visit their information security obligations only on a sporadic basis. But when they do they need clear instruction and a clear view of the latest up to date information and any changes to policies and processes.

The Solution

Hicomply’s dashboard has been designed so authorised users can see in a snapshot the status of risks, incidents and overall compliance, reducing the risk of key person dependencies and making all ISMS or ISO 27001 processes more efficient.

Tasks and training notifications are flagged automatically to each member of staff, who can then log what tasks they have done, or what training they have completed. Giving you and all staff confidence that they are meeting their information security obligations.

Having clear sight of the status of tasks accelerates any ISMS implementation, easily and quickly accessing evidence that risks have been addressed.

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