Level 1 – Essentials

  • ISMS Software Subscription

  • Software training and implementation services to get you up and running with Hicomply software (typically in 1 month). Purchased in band of hours.

  • A full set of standard ready policies and procedures written by our experts to set you on the path to establishing a certified ISMS.

Level 2 – ISMS Coach

  • ISMS Software Subscription

  • Level 1 services

  • ISMS coaching & support for your DPO/IS consultant through the process while you implement your ISMS certification through to internal audit.

Level 3 – ISMS Consulting

  • ISMS Software Subscription

  • Level 1 and 2 services

  • a full ISMS implementation through to certification internal audit (typically in less than 12 months).

  • This ISMS implementation will be delivered by one of our selected consulting partners.

  • Support through surveillance audits in year 2 & 3