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ISO 27001 Clause 6

Read about the requirements for ISO 27001 Clause 6, which covers the identification of risks and opportunities, as well as the establishment by the senior leadership of information security objectives for the ISMS and the development of a plan to implement them.

ISO 27001 Clause 6 includes the following sub-clauses:

ISO 27001 Clause 6.1

ISO 27001 Clause 6.1 outlines the risks and responsibilities, building upon the context of the organisation and needs of interested parties provided in clauses 4.1 and 4.2, covering how to carry out an information security risk assessment.

ISO 27001 Clause 6.2

ISO 27001 Clause 6.2 details the three ISMS security objectives, confidentiality, integrity and availability, and how to identify them and then plan to address them.