The Solution to Business Information Security Management

  • Policy Management
  • Education and Information Dissemination
  • Employee Training and Compliance Management
  • Risk Management and Tracking
  • Incident Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Management
  • Audit Readiness Engine
  • Team Collaboration with Mobile Employee App
  • Executive Compliance Dashboards and Reporting


The Solution

hicomply compliance dashboard

Complete Visibility

Live insight into company ISMS Compliance status

  1. Automated Incident and Risk Management 
  2. Up to date staff education and compliance 
  3. Gap reporting, knowledge gaps, policy reading, risk and incident failures. 
  4. Supply Chain compliance, baseline compliance planning, compliance checks, automated compliance reviews 


Mobile Workforce

Workers can access Information Security Information anywhere

  1. Ensure all staff are fully trained
  2. Up to date on policy reading
  3. Notified immediately of IS threats - Phishing, Social techniques.
  4. Full audit history of employee policy reading, system notifications.


Audit Readiness

Audit Management solutions

  1. Ensure Audit success with automated Audit Readiness reports
  2. Understand weaknesses and focus resources effectively