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The Information Security Problem

The risk landscape for information security management is changing while the threat and risk of attack are ever-increasing. Alongside this the scale of legal and regulatory compliance and reputational damage is significant.

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2020 is £2.91 million. Yet most businesses are left with inefficient, costly and paper-heavy manual processes to manage this risk.

Complex Processes

Managing an ISMS & compliance processes can be a full-time job and keeping documentation up to date and providing clearly auditable records is just the start. There is a huge array of processes around incident management, educating staff, keeping data safe and complex supply chain management.

Increasing Business Risk

Almost half of UK businesses (46% UK Gov 2020 DCMS survey) report having cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months leading to high penalties, and reputational damage. On top of this ever-increasing system Integrations and digitisation of business processes present a heightened state of risks for all businesses.

Information Security Dashboard

The Hicomply dashboard provides a clear & customised view of all the different aspects of managing an ISMS in one place. Each staff member’s dashboard is tailored to their role, giving them visibility of what they need to do and ensure organisational compliance. This can include risks, incidents, policy updates, assets, training and more.

ISMS Scoping Tool

Our ISMS software solution includes a scoping tool, which allows you to understand and plan the tasks and considerations your business needs to implement an effective ISMS. Taking the guesswork out of the ISMS planning stage, this tool will guide you through the process. Saving you time and giving clarity on the route to compliance with all the associated benefits.

Standard Mapping Tool

Our ISMS standards mapping tool allows any policies and procedures developed under a specific standard framework, such as ISO 27001, to be mapped against a range of alternative ISMS standards such as GDPR, PCI, NIST, and Cyber Essentials to avoid duplicating work. Giving you a head start through our information security management software platform.


Our ISMS software workflow feature allows you to bring your information security policies and procedures to life. By allowing you to take them off the paper and build them into automated, intelligent workflows. Relevant processes are now automatically triggered with the required notifications and stages to match the requirements of your ISMS or ISO 27001 policy. Speeding up the adoption of new policies and processes.

  • Ensuring a clear audit trail

  • Reducing human error

  • Automating policy processes

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