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Discover powerful end-to-end GRC software

Simplify your governance, risk and compliance framework with Hicomply GRC™. Our innovative platform allows you to automate existing legal governance, risk management, and compliance processes quickly and easily.

Automate your governance, risk, and compliance cyber security

By using Hicomply GRC™ software, you’ll be putting in place one of the most important frameworks any organisation needs. GRC tools make achieving your strategic objectives and meeting the needs of your stakeholders much more straightforward.

Roll out Governance, Risk and Compliance framework across your organisation in weeks

Reduce risk

Protect your assets and your customers’ data

Install governance

Achieve success by hitting B2B tender deliverables

Gain trust

Retain customers and protect your reputation

Attract investment

Gain investment by complying with regulatory requirements

Your one-stop shop for GRC

Designed by industry experts to manage your governance, risk and compliance needs and realise the benefits easily and efficiently.


Monitor overall compliance and get real time alerts. Staff members' dashboards are tailored to their role, giving them visibility of what they need to do and ensure organisational compliance.

Task Management

Use our intuitive task management tool to ensure everyone in your business understands what's required from them and when, to help achieve compliance.

Risk Management

Our risk management engine allows you to define, control and report on risks against all assets in your business, which is essential to implement an effective GRC.

The most cost-effective route to Governance, Risk and Compliance

Secure your business with Hicomply