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CSM top tip of the month: use your Hicomply mailbox to send evidence directly to your ISMS

In our top tip series, Hicomply’s digital ISMS experts and customer satisfaction specialists, Laura and Zoe, share advice for businesses working towards information security certifications. From best practice to essential policies, we’re here for you.

This month, we want to talk about achieving compliance as you work with a Hicomply mailbox.

Achieving compliance shouldn’t take away from your daily to-do list, and it shouldn’t feel like an addition to your to-do list either. Effective cybersecurity should make running your business easier, not harder. That is why streamlined processes and comprehensive automation are key tools in achieving long-term success.

So, how have we made this easier on the Hicomply platform? Well, each Hicomply project comes with a pre-configured mailbox which allows users to email evidence directly to your ISMS both automatically and manually. Once the evidence hits the workspace, a record is created and linked to relevant clauses, saving users valuable time and effort.

What evidence does your mailbox collect?

Capturing evidence is the foundation of successful compliance efforts, as you’ll need that information to prove the steps you have taken to minimise risk and follow best practice in a given area. Having evidence on hand is how your business can achieve accreditations, such as ISO 27001.

Compliance evidence comes in many forms, and staying on top of it can feel like a mammoth task. But thanks to the Hicomply mailbox, much of the hard work is done for you – making it possible to collect, organise and evaluate data with ease. This includes:

  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Back up reports
  • Quality metric reports
  • Data capacity alerts
  • Newsletters and special interest group updates
  • Staff communications
  • Uptime reports
  • Vulnerability scanning reports
  • And more…

An ISMS is only as effective as the information it includes. Maintaining an up-to-date system allows you to easily evaluate and validate the efforts your business is making towards compliance.

The benefits of collecting evidence

When it comes to cybersecurity, burying your head in the sand is not an option. Collecting evidence allows you to put smart, deliberate actions in place to achieve compliance without the hassle and headaches. And Hicomply’s pre-configured mailbox system means this evidence can be collected without eating into precious work time and resources that could be focused on business growth.

Hicomply offers integrations with hundreds of software partners, meaning you can connect your project with a range of HR systems, as well as project management, ticketing, helpdesk, file storage software and task management.

Historically, tracking evidence requires a lot of spreadsheets and paperwork. But Hicomply’s platform automatically pulls through and organises evidence, allowing you and auditors to access it quickly and easily.

Save time and effort with Hicomply

Recording evidence manually can be a time-consuming (and dull) process but Hicomply’s task manager software can take on much of the heavy lifting. By managing all organisational tasks in one place, you’ll find it much easier to assess completed, in-progress and outstanding tasks with ease.

Hicomply does 90% of the work for you. You can enjoy fast and simple ISMS scoping, with real-time updates, automated risk management, and all your policies in one place. Build, house, and manage your information security management system within a single, industry-leading platform.

Better yet, on average our customers see a 50% reduction in implementation costs and timescales, and a x5 Return On Investment.

Take the hard work out of gathering evidence by investing in Hicomply for your business.

Not currently using Hicomply? Ready to find out more about what the platform can do for you? Book a demo.

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