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SRM Case Study

Success story: Security Risk Management partner with Hicomply to streamline clients’ path to ISO 27001 compliance

Security Risk Management (SRM) has built a strong reputation over more than two decades as a leading cyber security consultancy offering a comprehensive suite of services to organisations across a broad range of industries and sectors. Part of the Arcanum Group, SRM was founded by experts drawn from the private sector, police service and government agencies.

Headquartered in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, SRM was one of the first cybersecurity consultancies to test the Hicomply platform and its consultants have supported Hicomply as it has developed its suite of solutions – particularly in the area of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), where SRM is considered a leading consultancy and auditor.

In addition to ISO 27001, PCI DSS and GDPR consultancy, SRM also offers digital forensics services, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning and penetration testing services.

Since 2023, a number of SRM’s clients have successfully onboarded with Hicomply, enabling them to more efficiently prepare for audits and improve SRM’s ability to gain full visibility of the organisations’ information security management.

As SRM consultant, Alan Batey, explains,

“The platform’s ability to house documents, policies and procedures makes it significantly easier for both SRM and our clients to manage progress, monitor gaps, measure risks and prepare for certification.

“We are successfully working with several of our clients to gain and maintain ISO 27001 certification using Hicomply and we look forward to utilising the platform for clients looking to comply with PCI DSS and SOC2 in the future.”  

As a trusted partner of Hicomply, SRM’s expertise and insight is important to the platform’s continued improvement. Hicomply CEO, Ed Bartlett, says,

“Working with knowledgeable and experienced consultancies like SRM is essential to us at Hicomply. We’ve built our ISMS with the input of consultants and we continue to develop it with their real-world experience as the cybersecurity landscape evolves.

“Similarly, we know that businesses are looking to streamline their compliance efforts and embed processes and procedures using innovative automations and technologies. So, working collaboratively with the likes of SRM is of benefit to both parties.”

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