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Succorfish has cornered the market in providing a range of solutions for clients working in a range of unusual and diverse areas.

Along with designing, building and managing remote tracking system for everything from fishing vessels to vehicles deployed in remote environments, the company stands out from the competition because of its ability to produce bespoke solutions for its clients.

Succorfish works across a whole range of sectors, including for the military, logistics, rail and security.

It is at the cutting edge of communications, providing its high profile clients with bespoke solutions which given them “complete operational and situational awareness.”

Considered a world leader in their field and working with many Government organisations and statutory bodies, it was essential that Succorfish was compliant with the necessary standards.

Protecting what is often sensitive data had to be a high priority, which is why Succorfish reached out to Hicomply to help them.

The company saw Hicomply’s SaaS solution as the perfect fit for their needs – not only helping Succorfish directly but also highlighting to their customers how seriously it takes the protection of their data.

Because of the nature of their work, Succorfish is required to meet the necessary ISO standard and using Hicomply’s services helps them to achieve ISO27001 certification.

Succorfish found that Hicomply’s solution, which allowed them to keep all of their important data in one place was a huge asset and meant they could also keep on top of any changes in security legislation.

Having ISO27001 also benefits the company moving forward, as it is often a requirement for tenders in the industry.

Hicomply has helped Succorfish monitor, control and be aware of any relevant legislation, along with cementing in the minds of their clients that the company takes its responsibilities for their security very seriously.

Discover Hicomply

Discover Hicomply

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