Policy Management

Intelligent ISMS Policy Management

Hicomply provides an Intelligent Policy Management System. Linking and integrating all relevant sections of your policies and processes into your ISMS. Ensuring consistency of core information across all documents, efficient and timely updates, secure and robust policy management. 

The Problem

Out of date policies that are difficult to find put your business at risk. Increasing the risk of non-compliance and therefore the likelihood of data breaches and the associated fines. 

Maintaining new versions of constantly changing policies with traditional software is time consuming and repetitive. Taking your compliance team away from the core task of managing the ISMS effectively and preventing your organisation from realising the real benefits of an effective ISMS. Such as a decrease in system downtime, more effective incident management, in turn higher customer satisfaction scores and more revenue. 

To achieve accreditation and to enable an ISMS to function effectively the policies and processes need to be version controlled, up to date, accurate, distributed, read, understood and acted upon We have taken these traditionally ‘static’ documents and created a Policy Management system that automatically integrates policies into an ISMS software solution.  

The Solution

Robust policy management is the foundation of all good Information Security Management Systems and is at the core of Hicomply 

Version control ensures your staff are all looking at one version of the truth to provide clarity and visibility of information. Editing and formatting of policies can be done within the Hicomply interface itself helping maintain the version control and taking away the need to be constantly uploading documents. 

Hicomply facilitates updating multiple policies at the same time, ensuring core information changes in your organisation are disseminated and update in all relevant policies automatically. Reducing needless admin time and freeing up your team to focus on the key tasks of effective information security. 

Automated and integrated within your ISMS software solution, policy management that helps you deliver all the benefits to your organisation 

Transform your business