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Does your business qualify for our Startup Discount?

It's crucial for businesses to have information security rooted in their foundations from an early stage, through to their growth phases and beyond.

The Hicomply Startup Programme is built for early-stage startups with limited funding and revenue, but high growth potential. Get full access to the Hicomply platform, coupled with onboarding through our customer success team to help you tackle your ISMS quickly and cost-effectively – at a huge discount.

Get audit ready in just six months

Seamless integration

Automate information security tasks, processes and evidence while you work. Our integrations and automations do the heavy lifting for you.

Simple, automated & fast

Designed by industry experts to manage your compliance needs and realise many benefits easily and efficiently.

Reduce risk

The security threat landscape can be confusing and often changes rapidly – there's so much information available. Hicomply can help you keep ahead of these threats.

Hicomply is perfect for our needs, we know where everything is and are able to track what needs doing and when.

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