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Startup Discount Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Hicomply's Startup Programme

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To be eligible for Hicomply's Startup Programme, your company must meet the following requirements:

1. Your startup company has raised less than £4million GBP investment or corporate backing from parent/holding company*

2. Your annual turnover is less than £1million GBP**

3. Your total company size is less than 50 headcount***.

As part of our due diligence, all new customers will undergo a credit check carried out by Hicomply’s credit agency. If the credit check returns any concerns, Hicomply may ask you for a copy of your latest accounts filed in order to prove reasonable financial wellbeing.

The startup discount is only valid for the first year of your Hicomply license, any additional products purchased after year one will be at the standard rate.

*Evidence will be checked against Crunchbase

**Evidence will be checked using customer information, a credit check, or Companies House data

***Including parent companies. Evidence will be checked against Crunchbase or LinkedIn to validate company size.