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CSM top tip of the month: Capture evidence from day one

In our brand new customer success manager (CSM) top tip of the month series, Hicomply’s digital ISMS experts and customer success pros, Laura and Zoe, give a key piece of advice each month for anyone working on their information security certifications. This could be anything from how to run an internal audit to key policies and procedures you need to achieve a standard.

CSM top tip of the month: Capture evidence from day one.

“It’s important to think about how you capture evidence from the very start of a project because you’ll need that evidence to prove you meet requirements in every area of the project, particularly for standards like ISO 27001.” Laura explains.

What does capturing evidence look like?

Traditionally, the process of tracking evidence to show your auditor in the external audit stage would involve a mountain of paperwork or spreadsheets. However, Hicomply offers integrations with hundreds of software partners as a standard feature. You can connect your project with a range of HR systems as well as task management, project management, ticketing and helpdesk, and file storage software.

When you’ve successfully integrated your third-party software, it takes just minutes to set up rules guiding the evidence you need the Hicomply platform to automatically pull through from that software. This creates evidence that you can check and approve, or set to be approved and turned into records automatically.

When you reach the external audit stage, all of your evidence will be recorded and ready for your auditor to access, quickly and easily.

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