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Hicomply feature Yearly saving
Automated scoping Easily scope your ISMS with the Hicomply platform
Asset register autogeneration A shorter learning curve for organisations and a simplified process
Risk assessment Autogenerate your risk register and risk treatment plan
Extended policy templates 90% of the essential are already written out of the box
Controls framework All controls are pre-loaded and already linked to the risks they mitigate
Task management Automate all actions, administration and setup time of your ISMS
Real time monitoring Understand status and progress across your ISMS with the Hicomply dashboard
Compliance & Training Your whole team, on the same page
Audit readiness Hicomply makes sure you have everything in place for your audit
Auditor access Give auditors a dedicated login to access and audit your ISM
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Generate ROI With Hicomply


It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a huge impact on many sectors. As a result, organisations need to make appropriate investments and decisions to ensure a prosperous future.

You might not know it, but aside from your products and services, data is one of the most valuable parts of your business. With that comes intense responsibility for its protection and how you manage it. Here at Hicomply, that’s what we specialise in.

An introduction to Hicomply

Gone are the days where we would spend hours filling cabinets with paper documents, it’s time to enter the 21st century. If you’re not up to speed already, we provide software that helps you build an information security management system (ISMS) to responsibly manage your data. We’re all about helping businesses save on money, become more efficient in the process, and generate a worthwhile return on investment. But how does Hicomply achieve this?

Reducing employee costs

If you haven’t digitalised your data management yet, chances are you employ someone on an ad-hoc basis to ensure you’re following all guidelines. Over the years, this can be hugely impactful to your business costs and is something that you should look at reducing. By adopting a software system like Hicomply, you will not have to rely on an external person to fully manage your data.

Prioritisation of tasks

Switching between tasks not only wastes time, but money too. Prioritising what is most important will boost productivity within your team and ensure deliverables are accurately met. Through our task management feature, you will be able to assign jobs to the appropriate team members and track their progress in real time and can notify stakeholders of the remaining actions.

Risk assessments

As a growing business, risk management will be a common practice carried out internally. Using Hicomply, you will be able to utilise the risk scoring system which measure the likelihood and impact of certain situations. By having such a transparent overview, you will be able to set up actions to manage and reduce such risks. As well as this, the platform can suggest possible risks and how to overcome them.

Enhancing your business reputation

Adopting an ISMS and obtaining ISO 27001 certification can prove to be invaluable. You will be able to use this certificate to stand out against your competitors and show potential clients that you take data protection and management seriously. Becoming certified can take roughly four to 10 months depending on internal resource and in such a short space of time, you can amplify your client portfolio and win new tenders.

Save time on policy document creation

Developing policy documents can take a lot of manpower in any business, but we’ve come up with a solution. Using our policy management feature, you will have access to policy templates which are 80% already written. Not only that, but you can also utilise Mail Merge technology that will populate your documents automatically so you can save even more time when completing these types of tasks.

For a more quantitative look at the ROI you can achieve download our ROI whitepaper.

If you’re ready to take data management seriously, and win in the long run, book a demo today.

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