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Meet Hicomply's digital ISMS experts

Meet the digital ISMS experts helping our customers achieve certification, from onboarding to successful audit! Hicomply’s customer success team is made up of head of services, Zoe Grylls and customer success manager, Laura Atkinson.

Zoe joined Hicomply almost two years ago as head of services. She is responsible for all things customer! Her previous roles include working as an IT service desk manager for a transport organisation and operations support manager for a personal lines insurance company.

Laura is a customer success manager onboarding Hicomply’s clients and helping them get through their cyber security framework implementation. She studied fashion at university which she says would come as a surprise to most considering her current role and industry!

She decided after university to go into legal research, where she found her love for working with clients. This led onto a series of client lead roles. Her prior role to Hicomply was as a customer success manager for a no-code app-building platformm where she worked closely with her customers to execute their projects and data capture.

Both Zoe and Laura are undertaking ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer training. The course covers how to help an organisation effectively plan, implement, manage, monitor, and maintain an information security management system (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of the best practices of an ISMS and a framework for its continual management and improvement.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Hicomply?

Zoe: When my customers achieve certification. Their success is our success.

Laura: I love it when a customer gains their certification or passes an external audit - when they win, we win. It’s also lovely to see the platform helping to make the process as seamless as possible.

What’s your favourite task in the software?

Zoe: Our audit feature. Not only does it allow our customers to do their own internal audit, it’s also an invaluable education tool as it explains in full everything an external auditor will want to see or discuss to ensure compliance with your standard.

Laura: The controls list, as this is when the customers see everything pulling together and it saves so much time when you’re audit ready because everything is in one place, which is a dream for the auditor. I also find that it’s the final piece to the implementation and all of the moving parts fit together.

What’s the best customer feedback you’ve had?

Zoe: “Hicomply makes this a doddle!”

Laura: Our customers are lovely so I’ve had lots - not to brag! However, I do love when customers get through their audit in record time and they get a real sense of achievement. We have had several customers thank and complement us on our support and knowledge towards the standards. If I had to choose, it would be customer feedback from Liftango, having implemented within five months and gained certification within six months having no prior knowledge at all around cyber security frameworks. They gave it their all and regular catch ups meant that I could help along the way setting them up for a smooth audit process.

I love helping the customers grow their knowledge and see their hard work pay off when they get to audit and pass with flying colours.

What are you most proud of about Hicomply?

Zoe: I’m most proud of our 100% first time audit customer pass rate.

Laura: Seeing how much the platform has grown and improved over the past two years has been amazing. We started with one project (ISO/IEC 27001) and now we have ten projects that we offer and can build custom projects. I love seeing our customer feedback come to life and see how they can help shape the product and keep us as one of the market-leading tools.

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