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9th April News Round Up

Facebook Says a Breach That Hit 533m is Old News. Experts Disagree

After information from 533 million Facebook users was exposed to hackers, the company has tried to reassure users, saying that the data was leaked years ago and has since been secured. But experts say the issue is still grave – whether it happened in 2021 or years prior – largely because of the nature of the leaked data. Click here to read more

European Institutions Were Targeted in a Cyber-Attack Last Week

A range of European Union institutions including the European Commission were hit by a significant cyber-attack last week.

The attack was serious enough for senior officials at the commission to be alerted, according to a person familiar with the matter. The same person said the incident was bigger than the usual attacks that regularly hit the EU. Click here to read more

Cybersecurity Warning Over Pet-Based Passwords

Cybersecurity experts are urging people to create harder-to-crack passwords after new research found 15% of British people use their pet’s name as a log-in.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) argues that such passwords can make it easier for hackers to force their way into people’s accounts by simply guessing common pet names. Click here to read more


Station X – Huge Malware Dataset Gives AI-Driven Threat Detection a Major Boost
Late last year, global cybersecurity vendor Sophos announced it was sharing various tools and technologies in a bid to promote wider use of AI-based cybersecurity systems. This includes what Sophos describes as the first production-scale malware research dataset available to the general public. Click here to read more

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