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Hicomply feature Yearly saving
Automated scoping Easily scope your ISMS with the Hicomply platform
Asset register autogeneration A shorter learning curve for organisations and a simplified process
Risk assessment Autogenerate your risk register and risk treatment plan
Extended policy templates 90% of the essential are already written out of the box
Controls framework All controls are pre-loaded and already linked to the risks they mitigate
Task management Automate all actions, administration and setup time of your ISMS
Real time monitoring Understand status and progress across your ISMS with the Hicomply dashboard
Compliance & Training Your whole team, on the same page
Audit readiness Hicomply makes sure you have everything in place for your audit
Auditor access Give auditors a dedicated login to access and audit your ISM
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Coyote Software Chooses Hicomply Solution

A unique software solution which helps companies manage their information security is now being used by one of the UK’s leading property and asset management technology businesses.

The platform created by Hicomply can be used across a whole range of industries and has now been adopted by Coyote Software, which has formed a partnership to use the solution across their business.

Hicomply has created a SaaS software platform which offers a host of benefits to companies which not only need to keep their data protected but are also wanting to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Coyote, which has offices in both London and New York, is an award-winning commercial real estate platform which works with acquisition and investment teams to monitor opportunities, review risks and reduce vacancies in their portfolio.

And now the company has added another weapon to its armory – in the shape of Hicomply’s innovative software solution.

Jeremy Gristwood, COO at Coyote Software, believes working with the company is of huge benefit to their clients.

“When we decided to implement ISO 27001 for ourselves we looked at a range of different providers,” he said.

“But we really liked what Hicomply had to offer, in terms of the ISMS software and the handholding expertise they could give us through the process.

“It will also make the management of the certification requirements for our clients much easier and we liked the central repository which means that all the documents we need are in one place and are easily accessible as we need them.”

Coyote Software is working through the process to become ISO 27001 compliant and sees Hicomply’s platform as a key factor in achieving this.

“We could see so many advantages of working with Hicomply which we believe will certainly help the business and speed up the new business process.”

Ed Bartlett, CEO of Hicomply, explained that “Coyote are a leading business in the PropTech market and they fully understand the importance of managing cyber security risk and securing real estate financial data for their customers. We were able to provide a solution out of the box as well as mobilise our partner network to help Coyote prepare for their ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is an increasingly common client requirement for technology vendors”.

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