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Hicomply March 2023 Release

Introducing Mailboxes

Hicomply Pro and Pro Plus clients can now create a mailbox or multiple mailboxes in Hicomply and email mailboxes with documentation.

Want to turn your meeting minutes into evidence? Just use the Hicomply rules engine to set up a rule and email your minutes to your mailbox – the document will automatically be turned into evidence for your project.

The rules engine works in the same way as our other automations: set up parameters using ‘and/or’ settings, choose the project your evidence should be added to, and add it to clauses if need be.

The mailbox also allows you to accept, reject or bulk action evidence, which will then become a record you can publish to your ISMS. Mailboxes are easy to set up, easy to use, and make logging evidence in your ISMS even faster.

Other key updates

  • Hicomply Pro Plus tier clients can now make mandatory documents
  • Return where you left off – if you log out and log back in it will take you back to the project you were in the platform
  • Improvements to French translation

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