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Hicomply November 2022 Release

In our October release, the Hicomply team launched several new integrations features. The platform supports integrations with project management solutions, IT support solutions, task management solutions and more. This month’s release builds on this groundwork.


In line with our goal of compliance as you work, our new automations feature allows you to create evidence automatically. No more rushing to collect your evidence from emails, spreadsheets and documents before an audit – by setting up some simple rules in our rules engine, Hicomply will update your ISMS for you.

Easily collect evidence to show you are following processes that are aligned with your policies, and keep your organisation, and your clients’ data, safe.

How does the rules engine work?

Once you have set up a rule, the Hicomply platform will automatically pull in evidence for your project or certification from your integrated solutions. The evidence will be placed in a review table for you to review and edit, then automatically created in your ISMS once you’ve approved it.

The rules engine allows you to set up multiple conditions, for example a rule that requires the following:

  • Ticket name contains X;
  • Ticket status is open;
  • Ticket is older than XX date.

In addition, the and/or function means you can set multiple possible requirements.

These automations allow you to easily achieve compliance as you work, creating evidence for a certification or tasks in your ISMS with minimal user time, input and resource!

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