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Hicomply October 2022 Release

Our October update includes some exciting new features to make your path towards information security certification quicker and easier than ever.


Alongside existing HR integrations, Hicomply now integrates with:

  • Project management solutions
  • IT support solutions
  • User support solutions
  • Bug management solutions
  • Task management solutions.

Recording evidence of your activities to meet your information security objectives is simple. Once you’ve integrated your software with Hicomply, just create a record and link it to the relevant ticket or task. You can record the ways in which you’re securely onboarding and offboarding employees, resolving IT issues, and more. And, when it’s time for your external audit, your auditor can view the records within your ISMS.

Within our HR integrations, you can also now:

  • View when a team has been imported from an HR integration
  • Save your organisation’s company chart as part of your information security evidence.
  • Bulk modify users e.g. change to reader or update their access

View our supported integrations on our integration marketplace.

Other key updates

  • In an ISO 27001 project, when you mark your Statement of Applicability as complete, Hicomply will automatically publish the record in our SoA template for you.
  • When you’re reassessing a risk assessment, you can now mark the risk incomplete and set the initial risk score to the previous residual risk score, allowing you to update that risk without creating a new risk assessment.
  • A walkthrough of the steps to get your Single Sign On (SSO) running using Azure AD is now available.

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