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Start building your security Foundations

Hicomply Foundations™ has been designed by our experts for businesses who want to get serious about information security. The framework gets you started with "Top 10 principles" of internationally-recognised Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) standards. Hicomply Foundations™ has everything a security-conscious business needs without the audit.

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Not looking for immediate certification?

Hicomply Foundations™ is a building block in the path towards certification. Build your information security management system (ISMS) in less than 10 days.

Get a head start in information security

Reduce risk

Protect your assets and your customers’ data

Get ahead

Achieve success by hitting B2B tender deliverables

Gain trust

Retain customers and protect your reputation

Attract investors

Gain investment by complying with regulatory requirements

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The most cost-effective route to information security

Simple, automated and fast

Designed by industry experts to manage your compliance needs and realise many benefits easily and efficiently.


Monitor overall compliance and get real time alerts. Staff member’s dashboards are tailored to their role, giving them visibility of what they need to do and ensure organisational compliance.

Security controls matrix

Our security controls matrix allows you to define the controls and evidence collection for your business needed to implement an effective ISMS.

Task Management

Use our intuitive task management tool to ensure everyone in your business understands what's required from them and when, to help achieve security compliance.

The first step towards information security

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