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Contemi Solutions Case Study

Success story: Contemi Solutions uses Hicomply to streamline compliance and lay the foundations for future certifications.

“The Hicomply platform makes the process of auditing easier and reduces the need for extensive auditing meetings, saving us time and resource”

Tanveer Hafeez, Contemi Solutions Global Head of IT and Information Security

Contemi Solutions is a trusted technology partner to the global financial industry, providing software and digital solutions for insurance, investment, asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets.

In 2023, Contemi began working with Hicomply to make its ISO 27001 compliance easier and less of a burden on internal teams.

The review

“One of the great benefits of the Hicomply platform is that you don’t need to start from scratch. There are document templates in place to make it possible to onboard from a variety of starting points – whether you’ve achieved compliance before or if it’s your first time. It’s also incredibly handy to have the ability to group documents and organise the reading of different policies and procedures.

“The Hicomply platform makes the process of auditing easier and reduces the need for extensive auditing meetings, saving us time and resource. We’re also expecting to be able to reuse the work we’ve done to prepare for other audits and certifications in the future.”

Why does your organisation need ISO 27001?

“Information security is an ever-increasing requirement from our clients so it’s an essential part of our sales process to have ISO 27001 certification in place. But it’s also just generally good for our business to take a proactive approach to risk management, follow best practice and have the right processes and procedures in place to protect data.”

How did you manage ISO 27001 previously?

“Prior to working with Hicomply we’d used spreadsheets and ad hoc policy documents to manage compliance.”

Why did you choose Hicomply?

“We liked the ease of use on the platform and the simplicity of being able to find documents all in one place.”

How have you found the customer service you have received?

“Zoe from the Customer Success team was great. She helped us throughout and even after we had been onboarded to the platform she was on hand to guide us through the process and provide useful advice during the certification process.”

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