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Coyote Software

Coyote Software is an award-winning commercial real estate platform which has offices in both London and New York.

The company’s commercial property software is considered one of the most advanced solutions on the market, with solutions for a wide range of different aspects of the real estate industry.

Their solution allows property managers to consolidate tenancy date and automate client reporting, while providing asset managers with the information they need to maximise their income, reduce voids and mitigate risk.

At the same time it has proven an invaluable tool for global investment organisations to track the commercial real estate market and manage their assets.

As part of the company’s growth strategy, it recognised that it needed to achieve ISO27001 status and keep that status on-going.

To achieve that aim it was important to find the right partner – which is why Coyote approach Hicomply.

The company’s SaaS software platform proved to be exactly what Coyote needed to become ISO27001 compliant and at the same time, be able to reassure its valuable clients that all of their data was well protected.

Coyote firmly believed that partnering with Hicomply would cement their position as the leading global provider of commercial real estate software.

The company initially looked at a number of possible providers but found that Hicomply’s ISMS software plus their support through every area of the process was far superior to everything else on offer.

The fact that Hicomply could not only help the company get its certification but could also ensure that it kept it going forward, plus the fact that there was a centralised repository for their ISMS documents, was the clincher in achieving Coyote’s business.
Discover Hicomply

Discover Hicomply

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