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Infosec Consulting SA

Cape Town-based Infosec Consulting have built up a reputation over the past 15 years for providing cyber security solutions for a number of organisations.

The company offers a range of services which allows their clients the flexibility to find a solution which is most relevant to their business and their particular needs.

These services not only identify risks businesses are facing but also comes up with the solutions to help them manage those risks.

It is because of the nature of their business that Infosec Consulting could see synergy in partnering with Hicomply.

Hicomply’s SaaS software platform was seen as the perfect fit for Infosec to use to benefit its clients, particularly as it would not only ensure that they were compliant with all the relevant legislation but would also protect customers’ data.

Infosec saw what Hicomply was offering as “the perfect combination” for their clients.

What was particularly relevant was the fact the solution has one single repository for documents, policies and procedures and is easy to manage.

Infosec was confident in the ability of Hicomply to deliver exactly what they promised, given they were already aware of the experience of the team behind the company.

The platform allows Infosec to benefit from its ability to formalise and improve information security programs, increasing operational efficiency and managing data breaches.

Hicomply’s recognition that cyber security is a global issue means that its solution has worldwide applications – the reason why Infosec Consulting chose it to partner with.

Discover Hicomply

Discover Hicomply

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