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SBD Automotive Case Study

Success story: SBD Automotive comes onboard with Hicomply to drive ISO 27001 efficiency

SBD Automotive is a highly respected business in the automotive industry, comprised of a global team of automotive researchers and consultants. Led by their compliance team, SBD moved from its existing ISMS to Hicomply in search of superior functionality and system integrations.

Over more than 25 years, SBD has worked with both private and public-sector organisations to develop smart, safe and sustainable mobility. The company has helped to tackle the big issues in the automotive sector since the 1990s, including driver safety systems, vehicle theft protection, connectivity, autonomous vehicles and greener vehicles.

SBD is headquartered in the UK but has a truly global reach with offices in the USA, China, Japan, India and Germany.

Having first gained ISO 27001 certification in 2021, SBD Automotive approached Hicomply with the intention of moving away from an existing ISMS, which was failing to meet its needs. The business also had a desire to adopt a solution that would meet future compliance requirements such as SOC 2, Cyber Essentials Plus and TISAX.

After a rigorous procurement process to test and assess all of the software solutions on the market, SBD Automotive chose Hicomply due to the platform’s extensive functionality, intuitive user interface, integrations and market-leading customer service support.

Once onboarded, the SBD compliance team quickly moved their ISO 27001 content onto the Hicomply platform and utilised the same workspace to implement TISAX. Initially limited to managing compliance in the UK and Germany, SBD now intends to roll out the ISMS to their other locations in the near future.

“The system is really easy to use and navigate. It seems very sensibly set out and, having trialled a number of other solutions, it is by far the most effective management tool we’ve seen.

“It is also great to have a team available to ask lots of questions (regardless how silly they may be). Not all solutions offer that level of customer service. In addition, the Help Centre is a great back-up if needed.”

Emma Coxhill

Compliance Coordinator, SBD Automotive

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