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Paradox Case Study

Success story: Paradox build customer confidence by maintaining ISO 27001 compliance with Hicomply

“Hicomply has allowed a small team of fewer than 20 employees to sail through the process whilst continuing day-to-day operations”

Chris Stoddard, Technical Consultant, Paradox IT

Paradox IT delivers technology driven solutions to both the private and public sectors across the UK and Europe. The company partners primarily with security installers and M&E contractors to deliver a fully wrapped solution to end customers.

The review

“The Hicomply platform allows us to easily manage changes to documents and version control, whilst providing us with all the templates we could ever need. It has already proved its worth in allowing us to migrate to ISO 27001:2022, which would have taken substantially longer without the help of Hicomply.

“Our auditor also found the software easy to navigate and it meant we didn’t need to sit through the audit finding files and wasting time.”

Why does your organisation need ISO 27001?

“We have several reasons for requiring ISO 27001, including: increasing customer confidence in protecting their PII; allowing us to apply for tenders; improving office security and having good policies in place to ensure safe working and handling data.”

How did you manage ISO 27001 previously?

“This was managed using Excel and Word files stored in Microsoft OneDrive. This was very hard to manage and inefficient.”

Why did you choose Hicomply?

“Hicomply – particularly Dylan and Laura – filled us with confidence that we could migrate to the new ISO 27001 standard before our end-of-year audit. We managed to pass and with very few issues.

How have you found the customer service you have received?

“The team (Laura mainly) have been nothing but exemplary – nothing has been too much trouble and we have been working closely through the audit process. Laura has filled me with confidence throughout the process. Any questions I’ve had, she’s had the answer for.

“We have regular meetings and if I ever needed an extra session to go over some functionality of ISO 27001, Laura and the team were happy to help.”

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