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Hicomply feature Yearly saving
Automated scoping Easily scope your ISMS with the Hicomply platform
Asset register autogeneration A shorter learning curve for organisations and a simplified process
Risk assessment Autogenerate your risk register and risk treatment plan
Extended policy templates 90% of the essential are already written out of the box
Controls framework All controls are pre-loaded and already linked to the risks they mitigate
Task management Automate all actions, administration and setup time of your ISMS
Real time monitoring Understand status and progress across your ISMS with the Hicomply dashboard
Compliance & Training Your whole team, on the same page
Audit readiness Hicomply makes sure you have everything in place for your audit
Auditor access Give auditors a dedicated login to access and audit your ISM
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How to Make Your Business More Efficient


Productivity has become a key focus area for many business stakeholders due to the increased working from home practices being implemented across the country. With this in mind, improving efficiency within a team has never been more important.

Businesses are still navigating their way out of the pandemic and need to make decisions that can see them thrive as the economy begins to recover. In this blog post, our team looks at how you can make your business more efficient by using the Hicomply software. Whether you’re a start-up business or have hundreds of staff already under your belt, then this will apply to you!

Task management

Being organised can help relieve any overwhelming workloads from members of your team. With the ability to delegate tasks across departments and colleagues, you can have a logical approach to all your operations and ensure the processes on any project run smoothly.

Within Hicomply’s task management, you can raise tasks that are automatically linked to assets, risks, meetings, and much more, all while notifying the relevant people. Reminding them when they are due and reminding again when they are overdue. Having this flexibility and overview allows you to be confident that the job is getting done and as a result, can set you up for future successes.

This type of tool can help you save time implementing and managing your information security management system (ISMS) and has the ability to hold everyone accountable for the work that they do within the business.

Risk management

As a business, you will be more than familiar with risks often associated with your organisation. When they are unexpectedly presented, they can require a lot of time from your team which you might not have the luxury of, or if you do make the time other areas of the company could potentially suffer.

It’s crucial that you are always ahead of the curve when it comes to this to save on both time and money – and with our risk management tool, you can be. Identifying and assessing risks can be made simple and give you room to prepare the steps to reduce that risk.

By staying on top of potential dangers to your business, you can focus on other areas and invest time there. From this, you will be able to plan the future of the organisation, its people, and its prospects more effectively.

Policy templates

Writing policies for your company can take a lot of hours from your working week and can be a daunting task for anyone. They’re not something you can delay if you want to ensure that your company is following best practices. With Hicomply, you can benefit from pre-made policy templates that are completely customisable for your requirements. Simply edit them to your liking!

On top of this, with a trusted ISMS policy management tool, you will be able to link and integrate relevant areas of your policies into one place to achieve consistency.

It’s crucial to move away from traditional policy writing because this can become a risk for your business. By having your policies digitally, your staff will be able to access them easily and ensure that they are following them. On top of this, you will be able to easily improve them as your business needs change in the future.

We want to help make your business as efficient as possible when it comes to ISMS and generating ROI. If you want to see your business succeed as we move out of the pandemic, then you’ve got no choice but to take the appropriate actions that will see you thrive. Get in touch today.

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