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Bond Origination Technologies Case Study

Success story: Fintech platform, Bond Origination Technologies, find an easier way to obtain ISO 27001 certification with Hicomply

“Hicomply’s platform was quite simply easier to use and easier to get started with compared to the other platforms we looked at.”

Oliver Corstjens, Bond Origination Technologies Founder

Bond Origination Technologies – or Bots – is a start-up Fintech business empowering banks to service their Debt Capital Markets clients like never before. An operating platform for DCM and Syndicate bankers, Bots streamlines pre-trade and client coverage workflows, replacing existing manual processes with a comprehensive cloud-based solution for increased productivity, better client coverage and an enhanced user experience.

Given the nature of the Bots platform, it’s no surprise that the founders of the business wanted a similarly efficient, flexible and innovative solution when it came to the issue of achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 compliance.

The review

“At Bots, we know the value of a platform that can improve day-to-day operations and solve common challenges within business. So, we were delighted to come across Hicomply when looking for an ISMS.”

Why does your organisation need ISO 27001?

“We process and host client data, so it’s crucial that we are following best practice when it comes to information security. Of course, compliance with ISO 27001 demonstrates to our customers that we are working hard to mitigate risk and manage our processes.”

How did you manage ISO 27001 previously?

“As a start-up organisation, this is the first time we have worked towards ISO 27001 compliance.”

Why did you choose Hicomply?

“Hicomply’s platform was quite simply easier to use and easier to get started with compared to the other platforms we looked at.”

How have you found the customer service you have received?

“Yes. We’ve really appreciated the dialogue we’ve had with Hicomply’s customer success team. They’ve been very supportive and assisted us whenever we’ve needed their input.”

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