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FISCAL Technologies Case Study

“Such amazing customer service. You listen to the voice of the customer. Product feedback is heard and actioned”

– Lesley Reeve, Chief Operating Officer, FISCAL Technologies

FISCAL Technologies is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that empowers customers to reduce risk and increase Procure-to-Pay efficiency. FISCAL uses AI-driven, continuous monitoring software, operating at peak performance, to empower finance teams to eliminate supplier risk and drive value to the bottom line.

As a platform responsible for processing large quantities of customer data, FISCAL found a like-minded software provider in Hicomply that shares its commitment to delivering value, transparency, efficiency and risk reduction.

The review

“We like the ability to have all of our security processes and documents all in one place, linked and accessible to our auditors. It’s a huge time saver. It also shows how organised we are during these audits.”

Why does your organisation need 27001?

FISCAL is a SaaS company and processes customer data. Our customers expect a high level of security within the product and handling of their data. It is expected that our security practices are best practice, certified and audited.”

How did you manage 27001 previously?

“Good old excel lists and sharepoint.”

Why did you choose Hicomply?

“The product functionality and customer service. Also, the subscription costs were competitive and reasonable.”

How have you found the customer service you have received?

“Such amazing customer service and you listen to the voice of the customer. Product Feedback is heard and actioned upon.”

Discover Hicomply

Discover Hicomply

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