ISMS Scoping

ISMS Scoping Tool

Our ISMS software solution includes a scoping tool that allows you to understand and plan the requirements and considerations your business needs to implement an effective ISMS. Taking the guesswork out of the ISMS planning stage, this tool will guide you through the process. Saving you time and giving clarity on the route to compliance with all the associated benefits.

The Problem

To establish an Information Security Management System, the management team must first undertake a comprehensive scoping exercise to ensure that the ISMS suits the business, its size, complexity, legal and regulatory requirements, external and internal issues. This can take days to complete and often requires information to be drawn from several sources both inside and outside of the business.

The Solution

Within the Hicomply solution, we have distilled the ISMS scoping process down to a tailored and intelligent data collection process. All questions are pre-loaded with relevant data sets including a a library of relevant legislation and best practice responses. This ensures that during the set-up of your ISMS no critical requirements are missed and there is a consistent approach applied across your various business units. This rapid scoping allows your ISMS to be kick started in minutes.

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