Benefits: Sales or Commercial Director

The sales leader’s perspective:

“I am always looking for new ways, angles and markets where we can sell more product”

What are you trying to achieve?

In my role, you are always looking for innovative and new ways to win more new customers and to retain and grow as many of the ones you already have. Sometimes that’s a new product we develop or a new market you have identified. I want to build a bigger sales pipeline by demonstrating to our customers that we take information security seriously. 

What are your pain points?

My team used to spend all their time filling out tender IT questionnaires rather than selling product.

Customers no longer buy from firms without security credentials. Customer behaviour around information security is typically dictated by legal requirements and their organisations are becoming more risk-averse. My focus is on winning contracts but I have little influence or control on how my business manage information security. Information security was once well behind track record and price but is now a pre-requisite of any tender we bid for.

How could Hicomply benefit your role?

Having ISO 27001 in place helped me win more customers and make it less painful to retain our existing ones. Before ISO 27001 we were losing business we hadn’t even realised. 

I had account managers spending weeks every month filling out tender responses and pestering IT staff for technical responses to data compliance questionnaires. It made it difficult to manage the team because it was impacting on their job roles and gave them less time selling. As soon as we gained accreditation they literally wrote “ISO 27001 certified” across the top of the questionnaires and submitted that and we won more of them!

Being ISO 27001 certified has made my successes possible. It’s like doubling the sales team overnight. The next step is to secure the future accreditation by future-proofing the policies and documentation in a system, meaning we don’t lose our knowledge if our data compliance manager leaves the business.

Audits by our largest customers were very painful with many days in our offices spent presenting our policies and processes. Hicomply provided a structured interface so that we can give old and new customers access and visibility to one central system. By giving customers access to our ISO 27001 software, it gives customers the confidence you are professionally managing their data and brings the certification meaning. This enables us to differentiate further from the competition. I see ISMS software being the norm in a few years.

How could Hicomply benefit your business?

ISO 27001 accreditation using Hicomply’s ISMS software can open up new sectors we previously thought were out of our reach. I have seen first-hand in many Technology businesses how this accreditation has positively impacted the businesses ability to win and retain customers. ISO 27001 accreditation gave us something new to sell without any development costs.

Public sector and the financial services markets maybe obvious new areas that this will help you win business in but you need to think all sectors are under increasing pressure to be more secure. More and more we have seen organisations only dealing with vendors with ISO 27001, its often 100% knockout criteria.

Even when it’s not a mandatory requirement it is often weighted so heavily you can win a contract with an inferior product to the competition.

Rail, Infrastructure, Retail, Insurance, Membership Organisations, Industry bodies, Publishing, Construction, Property, Travel, are all sectors that I have personally witnessed securing and retaining more customers in due to the accreditation and I am confident this list is constantly growing.

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