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ISO 27001 Clause 9

Learn about the requirements for ISO 27001 Clause 9, which covers the monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation, auditing and senior management reviewing. These clauses ensure the effectiveness and success of an organisation’s ISMS processes, and consist of the following:

ISO 27001 Clause 9.1

Clause 9.1 covers the ongoing monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of an organisation’s information security management system.

ISO 27001 Clause 9.2

Clause 9.2 addresses the requirements for regular internal audits of the ISMS processes, including details about impartiality and regularity of audits, as well as ongoing maintenance of audit programmes.

ISO 27001 Clause 9.3

Clause 9.3 details senior management review responsibilities, and contains a list of management review inputs and trends to be aware of.