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TISAX Certification vs ISO 27001 for Automotive Business

Unlike many other industries seeking security compliance, the automotive sector has the option to decide between two different certifications: ISO 27001 and TISAX – which is industry-specific.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that provides a comprehensive framework for information security protection across all industries. TISAX was developed specifically with the automotive industry in mind and could be more beneficial if your organisation works with vehicle manufacturers or vehicle technology developers.

Both certifications can provide significant benefits to your company and are respected in the information security sector, however, there are several key differences between the two that your automotive business should consider before committing to one.

In this article, Hicomply explains the TISAX certification vs ISO 27001 and how to decide which would be best for your business.

What is ISO 27001?

Developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). ISO 27001 provides a framework for organisations that allows them to identify, address, and prevent any cyber risks that may arise. If left untreated, these risks could result in costly data breaches and significant reputational damage.

By implementing effective ISMS controls that keep your security systems and networks up-to-date and consistently strengthened, ISO 27001 for automotive companies also displays to partners and customers that your organisation is serious about protecting sensitive data.

What is TISAX?

Developed for automotive security and privacy, TISAX is an industry-specific standard that ensures that all elements of the vehicle manufacturing and buying process are protected from cyber risks and threats.

With a specific focus on protecting organisations producing vehicles, vehicle parts, and aftermarket products, a TISAX qualification displays to partners and customers that your company meets the specific data protection requirements for the automotive supply chain.

TISAX certification vs ISO 27001: What is the difference?

Several key differences separate TISAX and ISO 27001. Firstly, TISAX is only available to organsiations working within the automotive industry, whereas ISO 27001 applies to companies working in any sector.

Additionally, ISO 27001 is a comprehensive plan that covers all areas of information security protection, whereas TISAX only covers your organisation’s product security. This makes the TISAX certification process much less rigorous at around 3-6 months on average.

The ISO 27001 certification process is significantly longer – it will take anywhere from 6-18 months to achieve compliance, depending on the size and scale of your business.

Essentially, if your automotive company is pressed for time and seeking vehicle security, it may be worthwhile to pursue TISAX. However, despite the more arduous process, ISO 27001 is a much more worthwhile certification to gain due to its full-fledged security coverage and the fact that it is globally renowned – allowing you to expand internationally with ease if this is something your business is seeking. ISO 27001 also allows you to continuously improve your information security system – keeping your organisation safer from attacks for longer.

Why seek ISO 27001 compliance in the automotive industry?

For automotive organisations, compliance with information security standards is crucial. This is because compliance impacts product quality and safety. By adhering to an international data security standard such as ISO 27001, an automotive manufacturer can ensure that robust policies and processes are in place to mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities, ultimately protecting sensitive information.

By complying with ISO 27001, your business will notice a streamlined production process, cost savings, and increased customer trust – thanks to reduced errors and minimised threats. Additionally, you will see an increase in confidence from partners and stakeholders, who value a strong reputation for security compliance in today’s tech-driven world.

Discover ISO 27001 for the automotive industry

Security compliance certification is not a one-size-fits-all process, especially for those in the automotive industry who are unsure of which path to take when deciding between TISAX and ISO 27001. This is where Hicomply can step in to help.

Our expert team can help you to decide which certification suits your business and, with our full-fledged ISMS dashboard solution, we can significantly reduce the time and hassle put into documenting the process that could be better spent on your business. Want to learn more? Book a demo today.

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