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A Guide to ISO 27001 for Law Firms

Keep your client data safe with information security certification

There are several trends affecting the legal sector, including information storage on third-party software and advancing technology available in the courtroom, that require firms to become more proactive in their cybersecurity measures.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recommends that legal industry professionals follow the ISO 27001 standards to both protect their clients’ often vulnerable data and prevent the risk of a breach. By becoming compliant, your firm can continue to demonstrate its ethics to clients, allowing them to rest assured you are taking their privacy seriously.

In this article, Hicomply explains the importance of ISO 27001 for law firms.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a set of security standards established by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). These standards are globally recognised and are put in place to ensure that your business has put in place an effective security system to manage and mitigate any risks or threats to the data you hold.

ISO 27001 for law firms ensures that your business is resilient against cyber threats, especially in a sector that is frequently targeted for the sensitive information it holds. Breaches can be costly and reputation damage that results from this can be detrimental. Gaining ISO 27001 certification proves to your clients and stakeholders that you are correctly handling confidential data.

Why should your firm seek ISO 27001 for solicitors?

ISO 27001 for solicitors would help your firm avoid some of the most common recurring problems the industry faces in dealing with information protection.

Legal sector-specific technology continues to advance, and this has transformed workflows and processes in the workplace. However, some firms are slow to adopt more modern technologies as there are so many options available that it’s difficult to know exactly what is needed and how to implement it.

Additionally, some legal companies may not have the most up-to-date security systems in place, which opens the firm up to the risk of attackers who can easily access the vulnerable data they hold. Data breaches are increasingly common in the legal field due to the sensitive nature of the data stored in files on users’ computers. Often, attackers will turn to phishing scams to digitally extort the data from a client.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001 for law firms?

ISO 27001 compliance for law firms offers a range of benefits for your business. These include:

Standing out from your competitors.

Law firms must remain competitive to gain and retain clients, and that can be challenging with the rise of do-it-yourself legal models and other professionals offering increasingly lower rates. With ISO 27001 for law firms, you can display a level of credibility in data protection that puts you a step ahead of your competitors without having to lower your costs.

Compliance with local and global regulations.

ISO 27001 is recognised globally, giving you the leeway to work with international clients as well as local ones. Additionally, ISO 27001 for law firms will help you meet several global regulations, such as GDPR, without any extra work. By displaying ISO certification, your law firm will avoid any fines or losses associated with non-compliance.

High-performing information security measures.

By following the ISO 27001 standards, you will build a security framework that significantly reduces the risk of a threat or a breach and allows you to address this appropriately if the occasion were to arise. This will ultimately allow you to keep both your firm's and your clients' information protected and confidential.

Increased trust with your clients, stakeholders, and potential business partners.

When you achieve ISO 27001 for law firms, not only can you rest assured that your business offers the highest standard of information security, but you will also see an increase in confidence from your clients and stakeholders when you show that their data privacy is taken seriously.

Streamlined processes within your firm.

With ISO 27001 for solicitors, your organisational performance will improve as your security measures do. As your security processes become more streamlined, you will see an increase in efficiency in other processes and can more easily identify where improvement is needed elsewhere.

Minimise threats with ISO 27001 for law firms.

ISO 27001 for law firms requires a significant amount of documentation and evidence to be provided which can be extremely time-consuming for already-busy legal professionals, which is why Hicomply’s ISMS software automatically captures the evidence that you are following the appropriate standards, as well as any additional information that needs to be tracked.

As well as keeping all your policies and documentation in one place, Hicomply’s ISMS dashboard keeps all your information completely confidential and secure, so you don’t have to worry about a data compromise at any point.

The software is also accessible to all authorised personnel in your firm and alerts your colleagues when any elements need to be addressed.

ISO 27001 for law firms made easy with Hicomply.

Although the compliance process can feel daunting and quite time-consuming, the benefits of gaining ISO 27001 for law firms are endless. At Hicomply, we aim to cut out the hassle for your business with our ISMS solution that keeps all your documentation and evidence in once place – giving you compliance as you work! Get in touch today for a demo.