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Hicomply feature Yearly saving
Automated scoping Easily scope your ISMS with the Hicomply platform
Asset register autogeneration A shorter learning curve for organisations and a simplified process
Risk assessment Autogenerate your risk register and risk treatment plan
Extended policy templates 90% of the essential are already written out of the box
Controls framework All controls are pre-loaded and already linked to the risks they mitigate
Task management Automate all actions, administration and setup time of your ISMS
Real time monitoring Understand status and progress across your ISMS with the Hicomply dashboard
Compliance & Training Your whole team, on the same page
Audit readiness Hicomply makes sure you have everything in place for your audit
Auditor access Give auditors a dedicated login to access and audit your ISM
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Hicomply Joins RICS Tech Partner Programme

Information security platform Hicomply has joined the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Tech Partner Programme.

Part of RICS’s global professional network, the programme is a collaboration platform for innovative data and technology organisations across the globe.

Partners on the programme join forces to produce thought leadership, content and market insights, and initiate conversations about data and technology. Through its Code of Conduct, the Tech Partner Programme requires these global providers of technology and data in the built environment to follow appropriate international standards, act with honesty and integrity, provide a high level of customer service, use data responsibly, show respect, and to actively support diversity and inclusion across the sector.

The Hicomply platform will support organisations working to comply with the RICS rules of conduct and key information security standards like ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, GDPR and more.

Ed Bartlett, CEO at Hicomply, said: “We are delighted to join RICS partner programme and to open up the Hicomply community to include RICS.

“The property sector transacts and manages valuable information assets associated with a £250 trillion asset class. Protecting that data is becoming critical to all parts of the sector.

“We look forward to working ever more closely with RICS and ensuring our platform helps property professionals meet data and information security standards which are a core part of the RICS rules of conduct.”

Andrew Knight, RICS, said: “It’s superb to have Hicomply on the programme and we look forward to working with them on joint thought leadership and supporting their work to raise data and information security standards that are critical to our members and their clients.”

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